The News Tribune / Tacoma, WA
Sport Boys golf
Location Tournament High School
Date / time 5/18/2009 7:00 pm
Game Southwest District Tournament

This is not a league game.

Team Final
Tournament home


Top 3 teams:
Wikiakum 360, North Beach 383, Morhtwest Christian 388.
Top five individuals (after first of two days):
Nick Mattox (NW Christian) 45-36-81
Cody Olsen (Wikiakum) 40-43-83
Justin McClain (Wikiakum) 45-42-87
Chris Crenshaw (Kings Way) 46-44-90
Derrick Moore (North Beach) 46-45-91

Northwest Christian:
Nick Mattox 45-36-81
Steven Mattich 49-49-98
Trevor Magruder 55-51-106
Ryan Penner 55-48-103
June Housley 61-56-117